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Unfurl Review

Unfurl (Rippler # 3) By Cidney Swanson

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Unfurl picks up right where Chameleon left off: Sam going back to California and Will staying in France with Micke and Sir Walter. Sam makes her way back to the States in the company of Christian, the son of Sir Walter, who has promised to act as her bodyguard. Meanwhile, in France Sir Walter, Mickie and Will are trying to find out why Geneses has been buying random warehouses near the demographics they despise, while keeping them seemingly unused. Hans manages to kidnap Sam and take something from her that could allow Helmann to clone her infinitely. It turns out that Helmann has been experimenting with new results from his 'children' - he wants them to be the ones to play savior when he unleashes his planned devastations. Will Sam and her family be able to come out unscathed from Hans' wrath when she escapes from him, yet again? Can they all find a way to defeat Helmann and save the millions of people he is planning genocide for?
What I gave it: 5 outta 5!! I LOVE this series!! 

Where I got it: From Cidney herself cuz she's so Awesome!!

My Thoughts:
I gotta say I already loved Will and Sam but this book just completely solidified that bond!! Like poor Sam hadn't been through enough in her young life, crazy Hans kidnaps her and STEALS one of her eggs! That is such a personal violation it's right up there with Rape! I felt so bad for her!
"It put my step-mother's annual heartache about a miscarriage in a completely different light. I hadn't understood why she felt sad about someone she'd never met. But I got it now. She grieved for someone she had seen, if only in her imagination."   I LOOOVE this line! 
This is the 3rd book in a FANTASTIC series if you haven't checked them out yet I HIGHLY recommend doing so NOW!! 

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