Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post By Martin King for Blogfest

 Blogfest Guest post By Martin King

I hope you appreciate these mini-stories! I can tell you they are extremely difficult trying to pluck them from my memory. Not only that, but I have to write them and make sure they are interesting.
So today’s offering is a trip to my grandma and grandad’s house. Well at least that is what we called them, I know other people have names like ‘pops’ or ‘grandfather’, ‘granpa’ etc. But mine was grandad.
At Christmas time, he would always have this plastic Santa that stood under a miniature tree in the window. Hanging from the tree was a feast of festive treats such as chocolate characters in foil outfits and sugar mice. The sugar mice were my absolute favourites.
Each treat had a number sellotaped to it. Then the little plastic Santa with its matching plastic rucksack would carry little folded pieces of paper in its sack. Each piece of paper had a corresponding number to one of the treats.
So every time we would visit, me and my sister would be allowed to draw one number from the Santa sack. If we were good or lucky, then we might get to choose another one later in the visit. Whether I got one or two chances, it didn’t matter just as long as I got a sugar mouse.
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  2. Oh! That's so cool! I love the little family traditions that stick in our heads! :)