Monday, August 8, 2011

A Black Girl's Poetry for The World Review

A Black Girl's Poetry for The World By Kimberly LaRocca
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  Poetry on love and life 

What I gave it: 4/5 Four outta Five!

Where I got it: From Author for Review

My Thoughts:

   First of all I have to say I am not a fan of the Title. It's a mouthful and does not flow well considering how well the rest of Kimberly's words flow so Beautifully! But that being said.. I am a fan of her writing though! Kimberly has put her emotions down in words in a way I have not been able to do since I was a teen and I am grateful to share hers. Here is one of my fav's:
 Knowing Me
Do you really know who I am,
Or do you only know what you see?
Do you know what makes me tick
Or what really makes me , me?

Do you know why I am here
Or what I am here to do?
Do you know how I see me
Or how that me see's you?

Do you know where I came from
Or where I want to go?
Do you know where my happiness lies
Or how to touch my soul?

Do you know what makes me sing
Or inspires me to grow?
What makes up all of Kimberly?
Please tell me what you know. 

The poems in this book are emotional and REAL. I would really like to Recommend it to all the girls I know and some of the men too! Here's another Poem I'd really like to share:
(pay attention Rachel, Tonya, and Heather) 

My sister, you are beautiful.
Thought I should let you know.
Beauty lying inside and out.
Has anyone told you so?
Do you walk with your head held high?
Take every step you make with pride?
You are a queen, you know.
Thought I should tell you so. 

A little about the Author:
Kimberly LaRocca knows all about challenges, the ones we can’t control, and those we create. She also knows about standing tall and staying proud, no matter what.
            A teenage mother who had her first child at age 17, LaRocca didn’t allow her situation to define her, or let her to fall into societal stereotypes. She graduated with her high school class and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree. Author of the new book of poems, A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World, LaRocca boasts an unshakeable belief in the power of pride, self-determination, and fulfilling personal potential.
            “I believe in karma, and my approach to life is straightforward yet powerful: I treat others the way I want to be treated,” says LaRocca.  “I could have let myself be defined by what others think, but I simply refused to let that happen. I surely created my own challenges in my life, but I refused to stop believing in myself.”
            While celebrating self-determination and human pride, A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World also presents insightful poems exploring all aspects of the human experience. From lost loves, strained relationships and the difficulty of forgiveness to raw anger and intense sexual desire, LaRocca ‘tells it like it is’ and literally bares her soul in her poetry.
            “I find writing and poetry cathartic and empowering,” adds LaRocca. “I understand my style may be subject to literary criticism, but I also believe others will find valuable meaning to which they can relate. Poetry is beautiful because no one can deny your words, thoughts, dreams, and fears.”

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