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Interview with Author Mike Faricy And Free Giveaway of his Book Russian Roulette

 Ok so I am doing something special today... My First Author interview! YAY!
I was lucky enough to make friends with and question Mike Faricy Author of Russian Roulette, and he wants to give away a free ebook copy of Russian Roulette to You! (How great is he?)

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What do you like best about being an author?
There is so much I enjoy, I really have trouble narrowing it down to just one specific thing. The whole process of an idea or concept evolving into a story has always intrigued me. It may be something as simple as a phrase that get’s me going. I don’t work off a written outline or a detailed plan. When I begin tapping keys in the morning I have no idea where things are going to end up. They just sort of happen, maybe there is an unconscious aspect to it but at the end of any given day I’m usually surprised. While I’m writing, I seldom have a title in mind, that just sort of pops out at some point along the way. And then, 250 or 300 pages later I’m able to look up and say, yeah, that’s finished, at least the rough draft. I like that part a lot.

What is the worst/hardest thing about being an author?
I think the hardest thing about being an author is all the time I have to spend not writing. I’m self published so I’m always hustling for interviews, reviews, working on cover art, uploading and downloading files. Getting help on computer screw ups, almost always due to operator error. I’m responding to 100 different emails every day from readers and people involved in some aspect of books and eBooks, that’s the right kind of problem to have. Then there’s facebook, which I enjoy, I send and receive friend requests, but it all takes time. I have some friends who are retired, they like to send out maybe a half dozen different jokes over the course of a day. When I open up an email that starts “A naked man walked into a bar…” I’m sorry, but I don’t have time. I told one of my pals I was not accepting any email unless it had an image of a naked woman. He sent me an email with about a six hundred pound gal, unfortunately naked. It served me right.

Lol- too funny I guess you gotta be careful what you wish for Mike!

What did you want to be growing up?
Different things at different times, Marjie. Of course your question suggests that I’ve grown up. I wanted to be a cowboy, probably with silver pistols, spurs, a hat, couple of horses, did I mention a friendly cowgirl? Then for a while I thought it might be cool to be a gangster. Of course I’m sort of envisioning a pin stripe suit, a driver, car with running boards, maybe three women, a blond, brunette and redhead. I’d have meetings at some sort of gigantic round conference table, people would make reports to me. I would have my feet up on the table. Of course I wanted to be a rock star, crowds of girls screaming, all my clothes would have sequins. I actually had my guitar moves and on stage cool looks practiced to perfection. Only one problem; I can’t play guitar. But, after all that, deep down I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve lost count of the stories I’ve begun. Finally, at some point you say to yourself, put up or shut up. So I started writing in earnest, before sunrise and after dark because I was working a day job. I had lunch one day with Kent Krueger, a local St. Paul author, internationally known. I’d written my first book and thought he might help me. He did. He told me every writer has at least one book they keep under the bed and it never sees the light of day. That’s where my first book is, still under the bed. It was very sound advice.

Besides yourself, of course, who is your favorite author?
Sort of a version of what did I want to be growing up, I can’t nail it down to just one individual. I love Michael Connelly’s sense of story. Elmore Leonard’s stories all have the wonderful aspect of a ‘normal’ individual thrown into some sort of bizarre situation, usually based on a bad personal decision. That really appeals, bad decisions make for interesting tales. Robert B. Parker is great on dialogue. When you read his Jessie Stone novels who else but Tom Selleck could play the part? I inhaled Parker’s Spencer novels. Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, Ed McBain, Carl Hiaasen. Then out in left field, Stephen Ambrose, he wrote Band of Brothers along with a number of other historical works, just great reads. Patrick O’Brian, he wrote the Jack Aubrey, Master and Commander series. A reviewer referred to me as the Carl Hiaasen of Minnesota, that was high praise. I love to read, a great evening for me would be putting the coffee on late at night then staying up past midnight reading. Yeah, I know, I’m the dullest guy in town.

Aww it’s okay, I’m dull too just without the coffee lol I prefer tea, but the late nights staying up with books is all me!

If Russian Roulette was made into a movie who do you think would be staring in it?
You mean besides me? First of all, I’d love the Coen brothers to film it, so if they’re reading this interview, just give me a call, anytime, really. Maybe Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Adam Sandler. Harvey Keitel would be great as one of the bad guys. I think Franka Potente would do well as one of the Russian women. If Russian Roulette was ever made into a movie it would be fun to be in it. You know sitting at a table in the background or on a stool in the Spot bar, I’d love that.
I agree, Matt Damon and Franka Potente would be GREAT! Lol You must be a Jason Borne fan like me!

Anything you would like to add to say to our readers?
Yeah, thanks for making it this far and letting me ramble on and on. Marjie, thanks so much for taking the time to interview me and introduce me to your readers. I’d like to offer a free download of Russian Roulette to anyone who wants to post a comment. If anyone has a question please feel free to email me at or they can check out my books as well as me at Wishing everyone all the best, happy reading.
Thank you so much for talking with me today Mike! I really appreciate it, And I am sure My readers will be thankful for the copy of your book!

If you would like a FREE e-copy of Mike's book All you have to do is post a comment with your Email below.
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  1. Definitely! I want a copy, it sounds like a really good ebook.:) novellaray at notsoinnocent dot net. Thanks!

    I would love to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler in a movie together...then again that might put a whole in our universe. LOL!

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